Monday, September 10, 2007

M'Ladys M'Log beats 'Bama Blog

September 10, 2007

Go figure.

Even those who visited my Blog at voted for M'Log instead of the Blog.

For those just tuning in and not inclined to scroll down to the 'Older Posts' section for an explanation ... and for those reading this in M'Log format ... our oldest son, the IT expert, had admonished me that I couldn't call my serial e-mails a blog because they weren't actually posted to a Web log. I conceded the point and developed an official blog, but was mindful that many of my faithful readers might not want to go to the extra trouble of clicking on the link. So I termed my musings a Mail Log or M'Lady's M'Log (remember that you heard this term here first!). And I set up a poll on my blog and said I would accept absentee ballots via e-mail.

I was right.

Got four absentee votes for M'Log and none for Blog.

This is where it gets really interesting. I also got four votes for M'Log from the Blog poll and only three for Blog--and my son voted twice for Blog. As he reminded me, that's one of the inherent risks with any poll -- and let's all remember that come election season.

I also received two votes for handwritten greetings on exquisite stationery. One of those was my vote. I wanted to be sure the poll was recording votes correctly and I knew I wouldn't hold myself to actually penning an epistle to me.

To the other person who voted for this option: When you send me a handwritten greeting on exquisite stationery, I'll send you one. Not before.

Nobody voted to have me remove their name from my list.

I guess that's a good sign.

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