Sunday, November 4, 2007

Couldn't Resist...

...another Goffman quote, this from the end of the introduction:

"There are lots of good grounds for doubting the kind of analysis to be presented. I would do so myself if it weren't my own."

And here's a new word for me:

"It is too bookish, too general, too removed from fieldwork to have a good chance of being anything more than another mentalistic adumbration."

I'm going to go look this word up. Nobody took me up on my offer of a Snickers bar to a punny answer to the question "What's a mobile journalist?" (although I had a couple of verbal half-tries ... but they had to be posted in the form of comments to my blog).

So ... I'll try again. Smartees to the first person who posts the correct definition of "adumbration" on my blog.

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