Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dr. Seuss for President

Why not?

The Knotty Problem

Part of the Dr. Seuss for President exhibit currently at the Syd Entel Gallery in Safety Harbor.

("I like your town," my middle grandson said. "It's got neat stuff in it -- not like ugly nothing." This after we toured the one-room exhibit and the adjoining Susan Benjamin art glass gallery, walked out onto the local pier, played by the marina fountain with bronze birds in flight, visited the massive Baranoff live oak and an artwork of bronze children playing in a mosaic stream -- all within three blocks of each other.)

Back to Dr. Seuss, the nom de plume of Theodore Geisel who started his career as a political cartoonist.

Not coming to your area? Click on the link to the Dr. Suess Art Web site so you can browse for yourself. Sorry -- no pier or glass gallery on the Web site. You'll just have to come and visit sometime!

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