Friday, September 3, 2010

What Type Are You?

Recently, I sat in on a meeting. The person running the meeting spoke about the need for common vision among the group, which numbered about 25 people, then had us perform a simple exercise.

Posted at four points in the room, were statements that went something like this:

Act! Plunge in and try things.
Care. Make sure everyone has a say before acting.
Envision. See the big picture and possibilities before acting.
Think. Figure out the details before acting.

We were asked to stand by the statement that we felt best described us -- with no in-between's allowed.

It's important to note that we weren't given specific scenarios. This was an "in general" sort of response, so -- as commercials say -- results may vary.

But on this day, the response went like this:

Twenty-two of the people stood by two statements. Three people stood by one statement. No one stood by one statement.

Guesses as to how we defined/divided ourselves? Where would you have stood?

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