Saturday, November 17, 2012

Have an inkling who the Inklings were? Then come hear Dan Hamilton!

A talk by  
Dan Hamilton

Sunday, November 25, 2012, at 5 p.m. 
Congregation Ohr Chadash
3190 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd., Clearwater

Congregation Ohr Chadash, a Messianic Jewish synagogue, is located at 3190 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd., just east of the Bayside Bridge (connecting 49th St. and McMullen Booth Rd.) and on the corner of Gulf-to-Bay Blvd. and Bayshore Blvd. (Gulf-to-Bay is the extension of the Courtney Campbell Causeway and is State Rt. 60.)  Mr. Hamilton will bring along a number of books he has written to sign and sell. Coffee and dessert will follow the talk. There will be no charge for the lecture, but participants will be invited to make a donation instead. 

C.S. Lewis * George MacDonald * G.K. Chesterton
Dorothy Sayers
J.R.R. Tolkien * Charles Williams * Owen Barfield

These seven writers, whose "baptized imaginations," as C.S. Lewis termed his own experience, produced some remarkable writings and influenced countless other writers, artists, and thinkers. They often are treated as a cohesive group, though the connections may be elusive. Who are these people? What did they write? Why are they important? Which of their books should we read? Some of these writers were part of the literary discussion group known as the Inklings. Others came before, and their earlier writings nurtured their literary progeny.

Seven Sages presents an overview of the lives and works of these writers, pointing out their common ground and differences, identifying their connections, and providing recommended reading.

Dan Hamilton is an engineer, technical consultant, teacher, tutor, and writer with a lifelong interest in the works of C. S. Lewis, the Inklings, and other associated authors.

Dan has edited numerous George MacDonald novels, written a fantasy trilogy (Tales of the Forgotten God), and co-authored two books with his wife: Should I Home School? and Look Both Ways. Dan and Dr. Ed Brown wrote In Pursuit of C. S. Lewis, which tells the fabulous story behind the magnificent Lewis collection that now resides at Taylor University in Indiana.

Dan and his wife, Elizabeth, helped buy, rescue, and preserve The Kilns, C. S. Lewis’ home from 1930 on, where he wrote the Narnia series and many of his other books. Dan co-founded the C. S. Lewis and Friends Society at Taylor University and the Central Indiana C. S. Lewis Society in Indianapolis.

The Kilns @ 1997. Photo taken by jschroe from Kailua-Kona,
Hawaii, USA, and uploaded to Wikipedia:
Dan is finishing The Inn at the End of the World, a volume of short fantasy stories intended as a companion to Tales of the Forgotten God.

Tales of the Forgotten God:
    The Beggar King
    The Chameleon Lady
    The Everlasting Child

Should I Home School?

Look Both Ways

In Pursuit of C. S. Lewis

George MacDonald Novels 

The Parish Papers:
      A Quiet Neighborhood
      The Seaboard Parish
      The Vicar's Daughter
The Last Castle
The Prodigal Apprentice
On Tangled Paths
The Elect Lady
Home Again
The Boyhood of Ranald Bannerman
The Genius of Willie MacMichael
The Wanderings of Clare


Anonymous said...

What are the original Titles of his edited versions?

Anne said...

The Parish Papers:
A Quiet Neighborhood / The Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood
The Seaboard Parish / The Seaboard Parish
The Vicar's Daughter / The Vicar's Daughter

The Last Castle / Saint George and Saint Michael
The Prodigal Apprentice / Guild Court (I believe)
On Tangled Paths / Weighed and Wanting (This link may interest you:
The Elect Lady / The Elect Lady
Home Again / Home Again
The Boyhood of Ranald Bannerman / Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood
The Genius of Willie MacMichael / The History of Gutta-Percha Willie, Working Genius
The Wanderings of Clare Skymer / A Rough Shaking

These books are available through Project Gutenberg. Happy reading!