Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coming Clean Five Months Late

Back in August, this showed up in the mail
one day, and I mistook it for a birthday
card. I read it twice before I noticed the
$ sign….  :-) 
Confession: Despite the subheading on my blog, I haven't been a quinquagenarian for almost five months now.

Yup. I'm officially a sexagenarian and will be for the next decade.

Oh, hush. You think I can't hear the giggles and snickers and yuck-yuck jokes springing to mind?! Most of them sprang to my mind a year ago when I began pondering how I would handle the transition from quinquagenarian to sexagenarian.

The only place I foresaw a problem was here, on my blog. I mean, how many times do you hear someone say they are a trigenarian or a quadragenarian? Obscure words are obscure for a reason.

Some of us, however, like obscure words. And, as I have written elsewhere, Quodlibets and Quibblings of a Quinquagenarian sounds a whole lot better than Feisty Frothings of a Freaky Fifty-something.

So now what? Simpering Snippets from a Silly Sexagenarian? 


Quodlibets: Musically, it's two or more pieces of music played simultaneously in counterpoint, usually in a whimsical way, as in the clip below where the Canadian Brass Quintet play Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" and "When the Saints Go Marching In" together.  Quodlibets also are theological or philosophical point of discussion, topics I often present in counterpoint to other lines of thought -- like the joy of new white socks or the parable of the gas can. Quodlibet is Latin for "what pleases," and the topics vary according to what pleases me at the moment.

Quibblings: To quibble is to gripe, grouse, or grumble about trivial matters . . . OR to make a play on words, to pun. Guilty on both counts. Just read my TWO posts on the differences between shards and sherds.

Quirky: Unpredictable, "weird in a good way" (according to the Urban Dictionary but which I couldn't get to link), peculiar, idiosyncratic. You get the picture.

Quinquagenarian: Someone between the ages of 50 and 59. Which I am no longer.

Quasi: Seemingly; apparently, but not really.

My newest favoritest prefix.

For at least the next decade.

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