Saturday, January 31, 2009

Date Night

When our kids were little and money was tight, date night meant Taco Bell and the dollar movie -- no popcorn. Our outing cost less than the babysitter's fee.

Then the dollar movie theater closed and a stroll through Home Depot took its place. As long as we didn't succumb to the "wish-I-had's," it was still a cheap date.

Tonight we may have found our newest version of date night -- the hot dog combo at Sam's Club ($1.50 -- including little packets of sauerkraut and all the mustard, relish and onions you want to glop on) or the Italian sausage with grilled peppers ($2.16).

Entertainment provided by myriad shoppers lined up next to the dining area, trying to get their full carts past the one receipt checker at the door.

See you there same time next week?

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